Posted by: Lister | January 12, 2009

Let Gaza Live

From Laila, who has family in Gaza:

We catch up with my brother and my nephew, Zade, who is carrying a wet sign, its ink bleeding down it as though to simulate Gaza’s tears and blood. The sign read:

“Obama: I shed tears when your grandmother died. Will you do the same for me? My Grandmother lives in Gaza.”

[…] On the way, I receive the dreaded 9pm call from my father. My heart skipped a beat- late night calls always bear bad news.

“More bombings, I can’t sleep. Israeli navy gunships are bombarding Gaza city’s Tel il Hawa neighborhood- you know where Amo Musab lives-where he built his new house” he says, referring to his cousin.

“The suburb is in flames. Residents are calling out to the Red Cross but they can’t reach them; and they say they are bombing with firebombs or something, there is a thick black smoke descending on them, choking people” continuing calmly.


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