Posted by: Lister | January 17, 2009

BBC enters Gaza

Independently, this time, rather than with the Israeli army. Christian Fraser is their reporter. He made it in via the Egyptian border:

Israel is continuing to deny foreign journalists unsupervised access to the Strip. He sent this report from Rafah, southern Gaza, which he entered from Egypt.

[…] Rafah has been pounded through this conflict. The Israelis are targeting smuggling tunnels that extend beneath the perimeter wall. Around 40,000 people who lived close to it are now homeless.

Five thousand of them are sheltering in three UN schools, so many of them are children.

[…] We have seen their “surgical” air strikes. There is no doubt the Israelis have tried hard to hit their targets accurately. The police station opposite the UN warehouse is now just a crater.

But there are plenty of bomb sites where there is extensive collateral damage. It is no wonder there have been so many civilian casualties. In the house in which we are staying the windows are all left open, in case the pressure from one of the blasts should blow the glass out.

I hope he has plans to travel to the rest of the Gaza strip. But nothing is said in the article.


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