Posted by: Lister | January 18, 2009

Hamas also declares a ceasefire

Having initially dismissed Israel’s unilateral ceasefire, Hamas is reported to have said (AFP):

“We in the Palestinian resistance movements announce a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and demand that enemy forces withdraw in a week and open all the border crossings to permit the entry of humanitarian aid and basic goods,” Mussa Abu Marzuk, the deputy leader of Hamas’s politburo, said in Damascus.

Dawud Shihab, a Gaza-based spokesman for Islamic Jihad, a smaller armed faction, said the truce would give an opportunity for Arab governments to put pressure on Israel to withdraw all its troops.

“During this period, the resistance is ready to respond to all efforts by the Egyptians, Turks, Syrians and Arabs that will allow for a total withdrawal of Israeli soldiers and the total opening of border crossings,” he told AFP.

[…] Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas repeated his call for a complete withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Gaza and the re-opening of the enclave’s border crossings, saying Israel’s truce was “important and necessary but insufficient.”

Of course, Israel dismisses Hamas’ ceasefire:

Reacting to the announcement from Damascus, government spokesman Mark Regev stressed that Israel was not a partner to any agreement with Hamas, a group which is sworn to the Jewish state’s destruction.

According to YNET the beginning of the ceasefire is somewhat blurry:

Earlier, despite belligerent declarations from Hamas leaders on Saturday and Sunday that rocket fire on Israeli towns would continue, a Hamas source told Ynet that Palestinian organizations have decided to end rocket fire against Israel gradually.

In a meeting of the various organizations, it was decided to “reduce the fire until its cessation – in upcoming days, possibly even in upcoming hours.”

According to the source, “Rocket fire is intended to send the message that we are the ones who decide when there is a ceasefire, not some unilateral decision in Israel.”



  1. Comment sent to Rabbi Donniell Hartman concerning Israel justification for invading Gaza: Question: Are you really a Jew? Or did your people convert to Judaism? Are you of the seed of Abraham? If so how? Are you of the seed of Ashkenaz, or Magog? Are you a Zionist or a member of Judaism? Why do you support atheistic Zionist? How can you claim a land that your ancestors never lived? Why do you continue to perpetuate the lie that Palestine belong to the Jews? The people of the world are not stupid.

  2. I’ve decided to approve your comment, Joeland7. Even though it is not on topic.

    To begin with, Isreal exists because the British and the UN decided that it would. That is the situation. And the situation must move forward in a moral fashion, which takes into consideration the ‘facts on the ground’.

    The issue of ancestry is neither here nor there. No-one doubts that the Palestinians have been living in the area for a long time. If that’s a non-issue, then so should the Jewish ancestral claim to the land be a non-issue.

    As for Koestler and his 13th tribe, it’s been disproved by genetic studies.

    Incidently, those same studies show that the Palestinians (and other Levant Arabs) have a genetic relationship with Jews. Their ancestors merely converted and mixed with Arabs.

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