Posted by: Lister | February 11, 2009

Hamas killed and kneecapped spies


The [Amnesty International] report states that at least two dozen men were shot dead by Hamas gunman, and many more were kneecapped or otherwise tortured during and after Israel’s three week offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The human rights group, which had sent a fact-finding team to Gaza as soon as the fighting finished, also confirmed media reports that some victims had been executed in hospitals where they were being treated for wounds.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum has admitted that the Islamic movement executed Palestinian “spies” who provided Israel with information about Hamas targets.

[…] Hamas publicly endorses the killing of collaborators, but denies allegations that it attacked rival Fatah faction members.

[…] Israeli intelligence officials are said to have complained that the Israeli army was careless in its treatment of Palestinian agents supplying them with information during the fighting. The spymasters said the army had often acted solely to protect its own forces and showed little concern for the fate of the Palestinian agents operating in Hamas-controlled areas, sometimes betraying their actions.


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