Posted by: Lister | April 26, 2009

General Adeeb Al-Alam

This is the Lebanese general arrested for spying for Israel. The BBC (April 23rd):

He has been arrested with his wife and nephew, who are also charged. The authorities are still seeking a fourth person charged with involvement.

The case has been transferred to a military court, and Gen Alam and his co-accused could face the death penalty if they are found guilty.

[…]Lebanese media say Gen Alam is believed to have been spying for Israel since 1984.

While most of the media are hailing the arrest as a major achievement, our correspondent says there are people who question why it took Lebanese intelligence so long to track down the suspects.

AFP says three more spies have been arrested:

Lebanese authorities arrested three people on suspicion of spying for Israel on Saturday, the latest in a series of such arrests, a security official said.

He linked the suspects — two Lebanese and a Palestinian — to a retired general who was charged on Thursday with spying for the Jewish state — a crime that can lead to the death sentence.

[…] Former security services officer Brigadier General Adib al-Aalam was charged with espionage along with his wife Hayat Saloumi and nephew Joseph Semaan al-Aalam — also a security official.

[…] If found guilty, they could be sentenced to death — should the court find that the spying resulted in the death of Lebanese citizens — or to life in prison.

Haaretz gives a summary:

In November last year, the Lebanese authorities arrested Ali Jarrah, from the town of Al-Marj in the Beqaa Valley. His brother Yusuf and several other people were also detained. Sophisticated photographic equipment was found in Jarrah’s possession, as well as a video camera and GPS devices, concealed in his vehicle. The charges against him include the allegation that he had been sent to surveil, photograph and report to his handlers about the places they sent him to scout in the Beqaa Valley. The investigation found that Jarrah had also been sent on a tour of the Damascus neighborhood that served as the hideout of Hezbollah “defense minister” Imad Mughniyeh, who was killed in the Syrian capital in February 2008. Lebanon’s prosecutor general has announced that he will ask for the death sentence for the Jarrah brothers.

In January 2009, Marwan Fuqiya, a car dealer from the southern Lebanese city of Nabatiyeh, was arrested and questioned on suspicion of having helped the Mossad install electronic eavesdropping equipment in the vehicles of Hezbollah members whose cars were serviced at his garage. He, too, is expected to receive the death sentence.

Wiki says that Jarrah’s cousin was one of the 911 attackers — also reported in the NYTimes:

It is not the family’s first brush with notoriety. One of Mr. Jarrah’s cousins, Ziad al-Jarrah, was among the 19 hijackers who carried out the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, though the men were 20 years apart in age and do not appear to have known each other well.


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