Posted by: Lister | June 28, 2009

Moshe (Chico) Tamir


According to the conviction, Tamir’s teenage son drove a military-issued ATV on a dirt road and collided with a civilian car. Tamir paid the driver of the car NIS 1,000 not to report the incident and to cover repairs, but when the ATV was inspected by army mechanics, he was required to file a special report on the incident. In the report, Tamir claimed that he had driven the vehicle.

[…] In the course of the trial, Sgt. First Class Eliran Blutman, the Military Police investigator in charge of the Tamir case, testified he had been ordered by higher-ranking officers to manage the case in a “superfluous” way. Blutman said that although the suspicions against Tamir – false reporting of an accident, paying cash to the other driver and a delay in submitting the report – were all known at an early stage of the investigation, he did not investigate Tamir under caution and treated the case as a matter of accidental damage and removed Tamir’s name from the list of persons involved in the actual collision. He claims to have acted on the direct order of the commander of the CID Southern Command, Lt. Col. Sassi Megido. Blutman said he believed the order was given with the knowledge of the commander of the CID, Col. Meir Ohana.

Tamir himself testified that he had informed another senior officer, chief of Military Police in the Southern Command, Lt. Col. Yuval Shoan. If true, the two testimonies would imply that the case was not prosecuted for over a year although three senior officers knew Tamir had been party to an accident in which there was a suspicion of a false report.

Gideon Levy, at Haaretz:

It might be useful to recall who this Tamir is. From his stint as commander of the Golani infantry brigade – when his troops twice shelled the Jenin market (2002), killing several children, including two small brothers – to Operation Autumn Clouds in Gaza (2006) which he commanded, he has been responsible for wanton bloodshed, with at least half the 80 Palestinians killed on his watch being civilians. Nor should we forget the notorious shelling of the Gaza town of Beit Hanun under his command and responsibility (also in 2006), in which a volley of 11 unnecessary shells were fired at a residential neighborhood, in the wake of which the Israel Defense Forces of course blamed the cannon’s computer chip instead of the division commander, Chico Tamir.

[…] The accident form Tamir filled out is not the first lie, not the last and not the worst.

[…] A few days earlier, soldiers abused six Palestinian youngsters from the village of Wadi al-Shajneh for 14 hours nonstop, imprisoning and beating them until finally dumping them onto the road from a jeep at first light. One of the victims reported that his money had been taken, too. These young people were also innocent of any wrongdoing. The fact is that they were not officially arrested, and were not even interrogated. What did the IDF spokesman say in response? “Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at an IDF force … Six Palestinians who were identified in the vicinity were arrested by the force.” Say that again: “identified in the vicinity.” Again the question arises: If they threw Molotov cocktails, why were they released after their “Clockwork Orange” night? And if they did not throw anything, why were they detained, and above all, what is the spokesman protecting, and why?

(Via JSF).


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