Posted by: Lister | July 15, 2009

Ze’ev Braude

Ze’ev Braude was filmed shooting at Palestinians. He was originally charged with intending to cause grievous bodily harm.


Following the indictment, Defense Minister Ehud Barak signed off on a document guaranteeing immunity concerning sources of information for the Shin Bet, its modus operandi and the units and personnel operating within the framework of the organization.

Braude’s attorney Ariel Atari requested that the court instruct the State Prosecution to reveal the secret evidence in order to help Braude’s defense.

The prosecution argued that revealing the information would harm state security and added that if obligated to reveal the information, it would drop the charges against Braude.

And so the charges were dropped.

Another Haaretz article mentions early on that stones were thrown at Braude. But later on it says this:

During the evacuation of the house in Hebron, Braude approached the Matriya family residence, drew his gun and shouted at the family members to go inside, the indictment says.

Hosni Matriya, 44, went up to Braude and told to leave. Braude struck him and aimed his gun at him, said the indictment. Hosni’s father, Abed el-Hai, 67, walked up and asked Braude to leave. Braude pushed el-Hai. Other family members came to help push Braude away and he fired at them. The first bullet passed close to one man’s head and the second one hit Hosni’s chest. A third bullet hit el-Hai’s arm. El-Hai and two family members attacked Braude and stopped him from again firing his gun. They held him until Kiryat Arba residents arrived and took him away, the indictment says.

Hosni, who was shot in the chest, is awaiting surgery to take out shrapnel that remains around the wound. El-Hai, whose arm was broken, has been operated on twice and his arm has been set with screws.

The prosecution said that the evidence proves that “Braude initiated the incident at the plaintiff’s house, which was out of his way. During the argument with the plaintiffs he struck his fist into the face of one of them. At this stage none of the plaintiffs was acting violently. The father of the family wrestled with him to stop the shooting – during the wrestling the defendant shot him as well.”

In the view of one magistrate, those Palestinians who threw stones were dangerous vigilantes who should also have been arrested. Here’s the reference which Haaretz puts earlier in the article:

In her decision to release Braude [from police custody, before he was indicted], Magistrate Malka Aviv criticized police forces for not having arrested the Palestinians documented on the same video hurling stones at Braude.


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