Posted by: Lister | July 30, 2009

Taliban Vs Police

Reuters article by Peter Graff:

As British troops moved into the village newly freed from Taliban control, they heard one message from the anxious locals: for God’s sake do not bring back the Afghan police.

[…] villagers say the government’s police force was so brutal and corrupt that they welcomed the Taliban as liberators.

“The police would stop people driving on motorcycles, beat them and take their money,” said Mohammad Gul, an elder in the village of Pankela, which British troops have been securing for the past three days after flying in by helicopter.

He pointed to two compounds of neighbours where pre-teen children had been abducted by police to be used for the local practice of “bachabazi”, or sex with pre-pubescent boys.

[…] Although his own son was killed by a Taliban roadside bomb five years ago, Rasul said the fighters earned their welcome in the village by treating people with respect.

[…] “Every time we heard that new ANP would come. But the old ANP would come back and it would be just like in the past.”

“The people here trust the Taliban,” he said. “If the police come back and behave the same way, we will support the Taliban to drive them out.”


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