Well, first of all, my name is not really Mister Lister. That name and the title of the blog both come from Red Dwarf — a BBC sit-com set “3,000,000 years into deep space.” Some episodes are better sci-fi than you’d find in Star Trek.

But the blog isn’t going to be about Red Dwarf. (Maybe a few posts if they start a new series :))

*the domain name is exmypar because I misremembered the quote. Doh!



  1. Changed the tag-line today.
    No longer refers to Newton’s law of debate, “For every opinion there is an equal and opposite opinion”.

    Now it is “Fortune favours the lucky”, which is a tautology rather than a paradox. But there you go.

  2. Thanks for the info… I updated it. I kept hearing that Muslims were among the crowd. I pray that none were. Though it still brings to mind the same shariah punishment for adultery which does not reflect the Qur’an. Many thanks…

  3. You’re welcome, ahasnie.
    I quoted your comment on the post I made about Du’a Khalil Aswad.

  4. Copied the theme from the Amnesty International blog, taking the header from Enrico’s blog (Beach in Tulum – Mexico). I might change the header if I make my own.

  5. In referenc to your comments about human and chimpanzee evolution and paradoxes you might find some humor in the descrepancy between the DNA similarities of humans and chimps that is supposed to prove a most recent common ancestor between them, and the many uniquely shared morphological similarities between humans and orangutans.

    The morphological evidence contradicts the popular assumption that DNA similarities prove relationship. The unique similarities of humans and orangutans suggests they share a more recent ancestor with us. The features range from obvious (beard and mustache in the male) to obscure (unique single foramen or hole in the front of the palate) as well as derived features such as concealed ovulation. The similarities are also consistent with the fossil record that show early hominid skulls look more like orangutans than chimpanzees.

    Grehan, J.R. 2006. Mona Lisa Smile: the
    morphological enigma of human and great ape evolution. THe Anatomical Record (Part B: New Anatomist) 289B: 139-157.
    pdf at http://www.sciencebuff.org/ftp_only/mona_lisa_smile_2006.pdf

    John Grehan

  6. Thanks for that info, John.
    I do find it interesting. But I’m an amateur in this field and I don’t expect to be able to settle every controversy.

    I’ve started a thread at the JREF forums to discuss this. I’d prefer to discuss there, since it would involve more people. And that forum used to include a few biologists. I expect it still does, but I haven’t really debated there for some time.

    I’ve noted your comment on the common ancestor post of this blog, too.

    I’ll start reading that PDF you linked. Thanks.

  7. Please read comprehensive book on Islam and evolution by T.O.Shanavas. You can read the book reviews at Amazon site:

  8. Thanks, Robert.
    It sounds like an interesting book. I’ve copied some of the reviews onto the other page.

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